Interview With Liz Curtis Higgs

Wreath of SnowI was first introduced to Liz’s writing when I read her wonderful novel, Bookends.  Liz is a lovely, kind, funny person sharing joy everywhere she goes.  She’s here today talking about her Christmas book, A Wreath of Snow.

1. The book is full of truths when dealing with family issues. What truth from the book stood out the most to you as you wrote this story?

One of the joys of writing fiction is having your characters teach you! More to the point, having the Lord teach you through your characters.

Out of a desire to protect Alan, the Campbell family ended up stifling his growth. As a parent, I understand that need to keep your children from ever experiencing any kind of pain—physical, emotional, financial—but that’s often how we learn and mature.

I never expected Alan’s story thread to wrap itself around and through A Wreath of Snow, but it certainly did. 

2. The journey that Gordon and Margaret traveled were clearly defined and you wove reconciliation and restoration throughout their story. Alan doubts that others will forgive him for his actions. If you had written more on Alan’s journey, what steps would he have taken to change?

Actually, I am going to write more on Alan’s journey! If the Lord allows, I’ll be writing a full-length sequel, tentatively titled A Ring of Words, in the second half of 2014. I want to see how Meg and Gordon’s journey together unfolds in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and I also long to see what happens to Alan in Stirling, now that the truth has been revealed. I’m eager to return to Victorian Scotland and learn how emotional and psychological issues were handled in 1895.

3. What did you like best about Gordon, Margaret and Alan?

I love Gordon’s humility, honesty (eventually), and strength. I also have a fondness for red-haired men! Margaret’s independence is a positive thing—most of the time—and her affection for her students is endearing. Can’t wait to see her in the classroom! Alan is more pitiable than likeable, but his longing to be redeemed, to be forgiven, plucks at my heartstrings. It won’t be an easy road for him, but I think the journey will be well worth it—for Alan Campbell, for me as a writer, and for my dear readers.

4. Besides a great read, which you delivered, what do you hope readers get from this book?

Going home for the holidays can mean hauling more baggage than just the suitcases in our trunks. I hope my readers will explore their own feelings about unresolved family issues and consider how forgiveness and reconciliation might be the very best gift they could unwrap this sacred season. Family issues run deep and can’t be resolved in a few hours, even a few days. But taking one step in the right direction can make a huge difference, not only for this Christmas, but for many years to come

Liz Curtis HiggsLiz Curtis Higgs,
best-selling author of Christy award finalist, A Wreath of Snow
“Tender, touching and sweetly Victorian, A Wreath of Snow is a story of the importance of finding your way to peace through truth, a tale imbued with the romance of the times.”

To find out more about Liz’s Scottish historical fiction…


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